my favorite emotion, love.


love is a four letter work. it seems straight forward and simple. i like you. you like me. we love each other, right? wrong. love is messy, great, up and down. love can start and end a war. love will ‘lift you up where you belong’.

‘what’s love got to do with it’? everything. whether it is family, friend, romantic or principled – our love has to transcend self and be redefined. love is not a straight line. love does not exist where we perceive it to. love is organic. love can grow and die.

romantic love seems to be the most ellusive! how do you go from hand-shakes to hugs to kisses to l.o.v.e? love is always in the last place you looked, because once you find it…don’t keep looking!

ms. piggy and kermit are one of the strongest hollywood relationships. they don’t make sense on paper or pictures…but, it is real.

don’t bother with the world’s opinions of love. create and recreate your definition. use your ten fingers to hold on to this four letter word.


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