my favorite european country, ireland.


Middle of Ireland

long before steve jobs made us use the person pronoun in front of each and every inanimate object – i-reland did it.

ireland is more than lucky charms. ireland feels like a movie. i love when a location meets and exceeds your expectations. ireland is full of four leaf clovers, green everything and lots and lots of beer. all stereotypes were met. but, the nice pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is ireland’s ability to overcome the brits oppression and really rise to be a dominate world influence.

the literature, music and art of ireland is captivating and takes you on a journey. the appeal of ireland is that is is born of struggle. the common human fight for dignity and rights is transparent and alive. their unique approach to food and drink is hypnotic. literally, some of the best!

as with most locations, it is the people of ireland that can make you wish it was st. patrick’s day all day and everyday. traveling to ireland, i found, the luck of the irish isn’t luck…it is love.


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