my favorite activity: travel

Imagefirst passport – sixth grade. aside from judy blume novels and new kids on the block posters, my passport was my treasure.

my parents have been hauling us kids around the world since birth. they became parents in their mid-thirties and prior had traveled extensively, i admire that three kids later they were still ready for adventure…i hope to be the same in my parenting style.

the microchip of wander lust was instilled under my skin and is my eternal honing device. at six months old , i was learning to walk on the black sand beaches of hawaii.

our kitchen table was an adventure. our forks were  chopsticks and tortillas. dinner was anything from kimchee to tacos. spicy pho. cornbread and collard greens. my school lunches were filled with cucumber crustless sandwiches and waldorf salad. in one bite i was sitting at a proper british tea or in the jungles of belize. our international refrigerator was the catalyst for continued searching, learning and exploring.

most families were at disney, we were on a plane to the british isles…to bath in the sea and eat the fish caught that morning. travel was not an activity. travel was life. the more we traveled the more we lived. my parents taught us the value of rural arkansas farmers and canadian fishermen. we learned that life was more than the mall, guess jeans and a new cassette tape.

international perspective has made me live with an open heart. the global community is what teaches me about myself. i plan my next vacation while on vacation. i could never see, feel, taste or consume enough. it is the cultures within the cultures that intice my spirit.

where do i want to go? where do i not?


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