i seem to know very little about a lot of things. my interest span from classical music to rodeos. when i was little, i wanted to be a rockstar, actress, talkshow host…i settled for corporate recruiter! however, recruiting has allowed me to explore many areas. it has afforded me an income that allows me to travel international and i get to touch others lives. we often discount the place that career has in our lives. much of our identity is in”in an an accountant” “i work for Macy’s”…our job/career defines us.

i have a strong interest in photography, fashion, cooking, the arts and travel. my interest overlap like the crust on top of a pie. i travel to buy fashion to go see art and cook/eat. i love the caribbean and western europe. i majored in english so i enjoy the verbose and exaggerated.

my mother is jewish and my father black…i am blewish. i love being of a blended background and enjoy connecting with those who grew up in a similar colorful household.

my blog will reveal more of me…little by little.


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