my favorite part of speech…

all over social media, i see the abuse of the precious ellipsis. these wonderful little short-cuts and back roads of speech are fun and add speed and quirkiness to communication. we need the ‘yada yada yada’ in written form.

by allowing us to skip a few details, ellipsis protected our privacy!

do you … (dot dot dot)? if asked, did you eat breakfast? do you answer, “yes, i ate breakfast” or do you reply “yes”? did you omit the implied part of the question? congratulations, you are using an ellipsis.

ellipsis can come in many forms. gapping, comparative deletion, answer ellipsis – anytime words are omitted in conversation we are utilizing my grammatical boyfriend!



my favorite number…8

Imagei love eight. its the harmony of the under ten crowd. it is the second chance. the extra you need to make it happen. its inclusive. its a hand and three fingers. eight makes me feel whole. the circles touching. the circles stand on each others shoulders. united.

i love eight.